Oct 31, 2013
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Oct 18, 2013
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Thanks to Marica who donated these pictures. I’ve added new photoshoots of Bella Heathcote from 2011, to the gallery. Enjoy


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Studio Photoshoots > Photoshoots from 2011 > 2011 : Session 03

Sep 27, 2013
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The Killers release teaser clip for ‘Shot At The Night’ Video
The full-length video for the band’s new song will be released today (September 27).

The Killers have released a teaser clip of the video for their brand new song, ‘Shot At The Night’.

Click above to watch the excerpt, which stars Australian actress Bella Heathcote [Dark Shadows, Not Fade Away] as a cleaner in a casino. The clip also states that English actor Max Minghella [The Social Network] will appear in the full-length video, which will premiere tomorrow (September 27).

Speaking about the Robert Schober-directed video to Rolling Stone, frontman Brandon Flowers said: “We always get a ton of treatments for videos where raunchiness and debauchery are at the forefront, regardless of what fire the song is stoking. We liked that Robert’s treatment was different and classy, and he pulled it off.”

The new song features on the band’s forthcoming Best Of compilation, which is titled ‘Direct Hits’ and will be released on November 11. The 15-song compilation will also feature another new song, called ‘Just Another Girl’, which sees the band reunite with longtime collaborator Stuart Price. ‘Shot At The Night’ meanwhile will be released as a single on November 4, and is produced by M83’s Anthony Gonzalez.

Speaking exclusively to NME, frontman Brandon Flowers said that releasing a Best Of was another significant milestone for the band, who recently played Wembley Stadium. He said: “This record feels like a great way to clean everything up and move onto the next thing.”

He also revealed that ‘Direct Hits’ has been under discussion since the start of the year, although the prospect of writing new songs for the record “sort of threw me for a curveball. I’m always writing, it’s like second nature to me now, but I’m always analysing what I’ve got, and doubts can start creeping into your head. But I’m really happy with the songs we’ve got to add to the list.”

Source: NME

Aug 13, 2013
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Bella Heathcote And Emma Watson In Running For ‘Secret Service’ Female Lead, Unknown Taron Egerton Set For Lead.

Well, it looks like “The Secret Service,” the next Matthew Vaughn-directed adaptation of a Mark Millar comic book, is almost fully staffed with secret agents. According to a Variety report, newcomer Taron Egerton has landed the lead role of a young street tough who is turned into a super spy, in a story Millar has described as “My Fair Lady” meets James Bond. Meanwhile, the hunt for a female lead is still on, with Bella Heathcote and Emma Watson looking like the current frontrunners.

“The Secret Service” originated as a comic book by Mark Millar, whose comic book creations also inspired “Wanted” and “Kick-Ass” (he also serves in some kind of creative capacity on the Marvel movies Fox has in development) and Dave Gibbons, the artist who worked with Alan Moore on the beloved “Watchmen” series. It tells the story of a kid who is taken under the wing of his super spy uncle, who teaches him how to be the best spy he can be. It’s pretty warm-hearted, given Millar’s usual nihilistic streak, and should make for a fun deconstruction of the genre.

So far Egerton joins Colin Firth (as the uncle) and Michael Caine (as the head of the spy organization). Whoever Vaughn picks for the female lead would play the romantic love interest for our young spy. Heathcote came off a great 2012 in which she costarred in Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” and David Chase’s “Not Fade Away” (if either had been a bigger hit she’d be shortlisted for everything). Watson, of course, is transitioning from her “Harry Potter” mode, with two winning performances this summer in “This is the End” and Sofia Coppola’s brilliant “Bling Ring.” Mark Hamill, who makes an appearance in the first issue of the comic book, has also signed on to play himself. According to the Variety report, they’re still looking for a huge star to play the bad guy, after both Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio passed.

Egerton is a relative newcomer, with his only credit being the British television series “Inspector Lewis.” What’s more, he beat out Jack O’Connell (who will star in Angelina Jolie’s “Unbroken”) and John Boyega, from wonderful British sci-fi romp “Attack the Block,” for the role.

Vaughn directs from a script he co-wrote with his writing partner Jane Goldman. Shooting is expected to start this fall, while Fox has scheduled a November 14th, 2014 release date for the film.

Vaughn served as a producer on “Kick-Ass 2,” also based on some Millar comics, which opens on August 16th.

Source: Indie Wire

Jul 26, 2013
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Michael Caine signed onto Matthew Vaughn’s SECRET SERVICE, with Emma Watson, Bella Heathcote, and Taron Egerton also circling the project!

In an interview with Peter Sciretta, Mark Millar let it slip that the legendary Sir Michael Caine is lined up to play the head of the spy agency in Matthew Vaughn’s SECRET SERVICE. It was very nonchalant: his exact words were, “All the cast is done. Michael Caine is the head of this spy organization.”. But considering Millar’s proximity to the adaptation of his work, this seems fairly conclusive. Caine joins Colin Firth, who will be playing “Uncle Jack”, an underling charged with training the new blood protagonist in the ways of espionage and, presumably, ass-kicking.

On top of that, we have word from Variety that Vaughn may have found his lead in newcomer Taron Egerton. Egerton would be playing Gary, a working-class British kid who gets pulled into his Uncle’s cloak-and-dagger world. The young actor’s most significant role, to date, has been a guest spot on the ITV series, LEWIS (or, as it’s known on it’s stateside airings on PBS, INSPECTOR LEWIS), and he became the frontrunner for the job after Vaughn scoured through a long list of potentials, including ATTACK THE BLOCK’s John Boyega.

That Variety article mentions that the villain and female lead have yet to be cast. For the love interest, Vaughn’s eyeballing Emma Watson or DARK SHADOWS’ Bella Heathcote, with the villain role to hopefully go to a big name on the level of Tom Cruise or Leo DiCaprio, who’ve already passed on their offers.

With Millar, Vaughn, Caine, Firth, and, potentially, Watson or Heathcote involved, this is shaping up to be quite the badass spy flick. What do fans of the comic series have to say about this?

Production on SECRET SERVICE should commence soon in order to meet its current release date of November 14th, 2014.

Read more here | Source: Ain’t it Cool News

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